Court Judgement

1. Judgement, Acting Chief Justice of Delhi High Court, Rajiv Sahai Endlaw

2. Judgement of High Court (27th January, 2012)

3. CIC Order dated 9/8/2010.

4. Decisions given by Bombay High Court on 1/9/2010.

5. CIC Decision order dated 18/8/2010.

6. Excerpts from the judgement of High Court of Uttarakhand order dated 9/2/2010 regarding RTI.

7. Excerpts from the Judgement of Supreme Court of India (7/8/2009).

8. Stay Order of High Court order dated 30/4/2009 regarding PTA General Body Permission not required for Fee Hike.

9. Excerpts of Supreme Court order dated 14/12/2007 regarding Stay of Director of Education Order.

10. Excerpts From the order dated 26/09/2007 of Delhi High Court regarding Admission to Pre-School.

11. Excerpts from the Interim Judgement of High Court regarding Reservation of E. W. S Quota order dated 30/5/2007.

12. Judgement of J. Hari Shankar on 15/03/2019 by Single Bench

13. Judgement Regarding Charging of Development Fee and Annual Charges in Covid Period on 31/05/2021

14. Judgement of Late Fine 5 Paisa Case on 15/11/2022

15. Judgement of Upgradation of Lease Middle School to Sr. Sec School by Double Bench on 26/05/2023

16. Challenging the Provisions of CBSE Bylaws, Ciruclar etc. Where by the Number of Sections and Students per Saction are Restricted on 15/09/2023

17. Judgement of Ramjas School Regarding Tution fee DSEAR17(3) dated-20-05-20

18. Judgement of Mahavira Sr.Sec.School Regarding Tuition Fees.DSEAR 17(3) dated -15-05-2023

19. Judgement of Order regarding Manager Qualification on dated 09/01/2023

20. Judgement Regarding 7th Pay Comission on dated 17/10/2017

21. Challenge to DOE Circular on dated 27/03/2019

22. Order Regarding Non Payment of Fee Withdrawn by DOE as per Direction of Delhi High Court on Dated 11-02-2022

23. Judgement of Providing Free Laptops to (EWS) Student on Dated 18-09-2020

24. Order Regarding EWS Reimbursement Vide Case no WP(C) 11678/2019 Advocate Pramod Gupta

25. Orders regarding Property tax vide case no WP(C) 7528/2021 and 10625/2023 Advocate Anjana Gosain

26. Orders regarding provision of uniform and text books for E.W.S students . Wide case no. 6499/2014

27. Orders regarding of 180 Returns. Wide case no. 21/2011

28. Orders regarding charging of Development of fee and Annual Charges after Lockdown. Wide case no. 184/2021

29. Orders regarding RTI Matter.Wide case no. 7016/2011

30. Orders regarding bomb threat being made in the Schools in delhi