Court Judgement

1. Judgement, Acting Chief Justice of Delhi High Court, Rajiv Sahai Endlaw

2. Judgement of High Court (27th January, 2012)

3. CIC Order dated 9/8/2010.

4. Decisions given by Bombay High Court on 1/9/2010.

5. CIC Decision order dated 18/8/2010.

6. Excerpts from the judgement of High Court of Uttarakhand order dated 9/2/2010 regarding RTI.

7. Excerpts from the Judgement of Supreme Court of India (7/8/2009).

8. Stay Order of High Court order dated 30/4/2009 regarding PTA General Body Permission not required for Fee Hike.

9. Excerpts of Supreme Court order dated 14/12/2007 regarding Stay of Director of Education Order.

10. Excerpts From the order dated 26/09/2007 of Delhi High Court regarding Admission to Pre-School.

11. Excerpts from the Interim Judgement of High Court regarding Reservation of E. W. S Quota order dated 30/5/2007.